Achieves LED color consistency through industry-leading technology.

Color consistency is an indicator of lighting quality regardless of color and white LED. When it comes to white LEDs, with regard to color temperature, correlated color temperature or CCT describes whether white light is warm (slightly reddish visual perception), neutral or cool (slightly bluish visual perception). The standard definition of CCT allows a certain range of changes in chromaticity, even if the CCT value is the same, the viewer can easily distinguish it. Ensuring color consistency is the main focus of LED manufacturers, and they must develop methods to strictly control color changes.

Visualbin is a product technology developed by Honourtek for the optimization of light and color consistency, which can achieve excellent color consistency through the optimization of the entire LED production process. Visualbin uses leading material technology and algorithm technology, super-color industry standards to ensure the consistency of hue and color.

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What is bin ?

Bin division means to distinguish different light color areas. The lighting fixture manufacturer chooses the method of selecting the bin area of ​​the LED to minimize the visible color from one fixture to another or from one production batch to another. Although these methods are different, the overall goal of binning is the same-choosing LEDs that are easily available in large quantities, which helps ensure color uniformity throughout the lighting equipment and production run. In short, binning has taken an important first step to ensure color consistency.

HONOURTEK developed Visualbin. This technology first requires the design of raw materials with higher accuracy than industry standards in materials, and starts color consistency control by binning LEDs by algorithms based on luminous flux, color point and human eye perception of light color. This proprietary spectroscopic optimization process uses an advanced spectroscopic algorithm that exceeds the chroma industry standard to ensure the consistency of hue and color temperature.

How Visualbin works

Visualbin uses proprietary algorithms to ensure color consistency from one luminaire to another, and from one manufacturing process to another. Whenever a luminaire manufacturer chooses to purchase an LED light source from Honourtek, it only needs to propose which of the three levels of Basic, Prime and Classic to choose from. The three standards all implement the Visualbin technology, that is, the visual binning technology. Usually Honourtek's products are equipped with Basic level, that is, there are only two Visualbin areas A and B. This binning is better than the delivery level of the 2-step SDCM. Yes, because 2SDCM may still find more than 3 visually distinguishable light colors. The Prime and Classic levels only implement the delivery level of 1 Visualbin.