Vigour Series

The Honourtek color scientists have created a new form of light that has a higher color gamut than most other light sources. This new light, called the Vigour series which below the black body curve allows us to see colors, colors and tones, especially white, red and blue, more real. The effect of this new light is obviously different, based on the test shows that many shoppers and lighting professionals prefer.

Delux Vigour Series is designed specifically for high-end premium applications,  Vigour Series LEDs offer pleasing LED lighting palettes that inspire behavior. It’s e widely used in commercial lighting like high-end clothing store lighting, sports apparel, footwear and other boutique lighting application.Bring really white colour to objects.

COB for shop lighting

Color include
  • 3000K ,CRI 92/97, below black body curve, white-reddish visual perception
  • 3400K ,CRI 92, below black body curve, white-reddish visual perception
  • 4000K ,CRI 92, below black body curve, white-reddish visual perception
  • 3000K ,CRI 92, BP color,below black body curve, white visual perception
  • 3000K ,CRI 92, BG color,below black body curve, Visual perception of warm reddish color
Color Quality


  • Application-specific color points
  • Color control: 1 eyes color bin management within 3 SDCM.
  • Good Compatibility
  • Hot lumen
  • 300°C Temperature resistant silica gel
  • Eco-system well
  • High-quality true color reproduction
  • Uniform, consistent super white light
  • Flexibility in design optimization
  • Improved optical control
  • Flexibility for application-driven lighting design requirements
  • Multiple solution options
Product Specifications

Vigour series accept customized service for other unreleased part number.

Part Number HRB1220
Board Size(mm) 17.85×17.85×1.2
LES(mm) 12
Voltage(V) 36
Current TYP(mA) 700
Current Max(mA) 1050
Watts Class 30
Watt Max 40
Vigour Series 3000K Ra92/97 ; 3400K Ra92 ;4000K Ra92 ; 3000K BP CRI92 ; 3000K BG CRI92
Tray(pcs) 20
SPQ(pcs) 100