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This document contains general guidelines for handling, storing, soldering, and assembly of Delux COB arrays. The devices are robust and do not require extreme protective measures in handling or assembly. However there are a number of practices that should be followed to avoid inadvertent damage to the device. Failure to follow these practices can result in the destruction of the device as well as latent damage which may drastically shorten the life of the LED array.

This application note explains how Delux COB LEDs and assemblies containing these LEDs should be handled during manufacturing. Please read this entire document to understand how to properly design with and handle Delux family LEDs.

Delux COB LEDs Soldering and Handing Notes 


 This document presents information about general physical principles related to solid state lighting and guidelines for designs using elements commonly used in conjunction with Delux chip on board arrays. Honourtek’s family LEDs deliver high lumen output and efficacy in family of single, easy-to-use components. Delux family LEDs enable lighting manufacturers to quickly add LED products to their product portfolio.

Delux COB LEDs Design Guide -English


This Notes presents Honourtek, Inc. LED COB family of products for commercial lighting and residential lighting market provides a stable performance, high performance, low cost solid state lighting solutions. These products will be LED products of high efficiency, energy saving, long life and other advantages and many traditional light source of the light output level.

Honourtek, Inc. LED COB series products through a series of rigorous reliability tests, including endurance testing, environmental testing and mechanical testing, etc.. The serious project based on the JEDEC established standard semiconductor test method. In addition, Oulangte according to industry standards IES-LM-80 of lumen maintenance test.


HONOURTEK Delux COB Reliability Notes -English