Lighting has significant impact on the happiness and health of a family.

Light truly creates the ambiance and utility of a home. Superior lighting accentuates architectural features, adds mood to a dining room or bedroom, and creates visual interest above kitchen counters. Highly efficient lights make a hallway or staircase brighter and safer.

With our best-in-class quality, the Delux Series™ arrays are ideal sources for home luminaires, promoting new levels of functional benefit to the modern home, including smart lighting.Honourtek products come in a great variety of color temperatures, allowing home owners to select their choice of lighting color. Our directional design is perfect for task and reading lights, whether it’s for working in the home office or helping with homework in the family room.Delux series add safety, save money, and make the home a happier place.


High end Villa and hotel : Prime COB with standard series color

Other high end interior space : Delux COB with Standard Series color

Residential space : Tapas COB with Standard Series color

Smart lighting: Delux Tunable COB