HONOURTEK Walmart – Huizhou city China

Walmart  Huizhou city China


Walmart, American global chain, has topped the fortune global 500 list for five consecutive years. HONOURTEK provides professional lighting solutions with CDN lighting for Walmart, and as the lighting standard of Walmart shopping malls is applied in the whole country, it helps to upgrade the overall image of Walmart, improve the brand image, and bring comfortable shopping environment for customers.

Shopping environment to upgrade the product display and lighting environment put forward higher request, in order to better improve customer experience, Walmart in China launched a nationwide store environment transformation plan, HONOURTEK and CDN lighting provides professional lighting solutions for Wal-mart, which is used as the lighting standard of Wal-mart shopping malls in the whole country, and helps Wal-mart to upgrade.



Case background 

Walmart Huizhou southwest Avenue branch is located in Longguang Commercial Plaza, southwest Avenue, Dayawan West District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. With light as the medium, Sidon lighting makes a new lighting design plan for the exhibition space, drives the product display and upgrading through the upgrading of shopping light environment, and creates a new shopping experience for Walmart's new retail. This is another brand new shopping mall after Walmart Walmart upgraded in Kunming, Shanghai, Fuzhou and Wuhan.


 Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat section

Walmart, with its motto of "saving our customers every penny", offers relatively affordable prices for fresh, everyday vegetables compared with other retailers. Fresh fruit and vegetable area is often crowded space, shopping light environment requirements are very high. HONOURTEK DELUX food series light source and sell under the line photograph echo, the island is simply a uniformly illuminated space at the same time, the drainage effect. According to the display needs of different food materials, different spotlights can be installed in the linear guide rail bracket to maximize the color rendering of food materials, so as to help customers quickly select satisfactory food materials.



 Leisure food area

Leisure food area, the shelves are basically fixed, the use of DELUX series HRB1220 4000K color temperature spotlights to meet the basic lighting needs, orderly arranged in the sky above the supermarket, and shelves up and down echo, forming an order aesthetic feeling, creating a simple and comfortable shopping environment.


Personal goods and clothing section

In the personal commodity area, multiple items are displayed in an orderly manner, and the guide rail spotlights are used to focus the products and highlight the details of the products. In the garment area, the guide rail spotlights with high color rendering are used to restore the color and luster of the clothes at the height of Ra>90, showing the quality and texture of the products.


Product used

LED tracking Spotlights  

Product recommendation:

HRB1220-40-92-36-A001-F1   Shelves

HRB1220-25-97-36-W000-F1  Bread

HRB1220-30-92-36-B000-F1   Fruit

HRA1220-32-70-36-M200-F1  Fresh meat

HRB1220-50-92-36-A001-F1   Vegetables

HRB1220-70-82-36-A001-F1   Aquatic


It adopts the COB LED light source of HONOURTEK supermarket series, and the professional light color highlights the characteristics of the products. The lighting places such as hypermarkets, boutique supermarkets, shopping malls and convenience stores provide the local key lighting average Ra>90, and the color rendering effect of the light source is excellent and true to original color. It is widely used in large stores, boutique supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores and other lighting places to provide local key lighting.