HONOURTEK Suzhou W hotel

Suzhou W hotel

W hotel is the most modern and luxurious hotel in the world. Each W hotel is unique. Culture is its indispensable soul. HONOURTEK work with CDN lighting to fit W hotel's "Lifestyle" brand concept, and shows the unique local culture of W hotel Suzhou with excellent and precise lighting. To tell the history with art, to carry the culture with light, to bring customer the unique experience.



Professional lighting solutions


Carrying culture with lights for a sophisticated staying experience

The lobby is designed to look starlight and futuristic, with a dynamic bar and flowing furniture, as if suspended above the ground, surrounded by crystal clouds. From the bottom corner, high and low strewn at random layout, unique fashion sense of the future.

High-end hotel downlights are used at the top to provide basic lighting for the lobby. Beautiful appearance with superb technology, multiple breakthrough Optical Optimization. Accurate light distribution and higher efficiency at the same power design. Even up to 10 meters can ensure sufficient illumination on the ground. Bright and excellent lighting makes the lobby extraordinary. The tall space cleverly uses many metal elements, and the glittering metal pieces in the warm color of the ball-shaped chandeliers are like dreams and sparkle, creating a sparkling effect in the spacious hall.

Guest room

W Hotel Suzhou has a total of 379 rooms and suites, each of which is exquisite and equipped with 60 serviced apartments. The guest rooms use different colors to express different cultural emotions. The circular LED lights on the wall give out a faint green light. The ceiling uses a strip of light, combined with the indirect lighting of the ceiling recess. Enrich and beautify the wide area of space.





The ceiling of the restaurant is staggered and the LED light panel is combined into an irregular pattern. From far to near, simple geometry and simple warm-colored lights allow passengers to immerse themselves in the warm environment while enjoying the food. The wooden grille screen on the wall is outlined by linear light. The old Suzhou ancient charm style is perfectly displayed. The chic lighting makes the overall space modern in the oriental atmosphere.




The hotel's gym is dominated by warm, bright red, with rows of sports equipment lined up by floor-to-ceiling windows. The down light provides basic lighting for the interior. The series uses HONOURTEK Delux Classic level COB leds with CRI Ra≥90. The color of the red ground is highly restored under the light, so that the indoor environment emits a passionate atmosphere, subconsciously promotes the blood circulation of athletes, accelerates perspiration, and allows passengers to enjoy the hearty and vivid while enjoying the night of the lake Movement process.


Banquet hall


The banquet hall is designed with Su embroidery as the theme. The light "sculpts" the bright moon details and textures are clearly portrayed, creating a dazzling effect. The neatly arranged down lights(with Honourtek Classic level 40W chips) provide sufficient illumination for the space, and the Su embroidery texture of the walls and carpets can be seen at a glance, making the entire space look luxurious.


Lighting fixture with product of Honourtek


This case use of HONOURTEK's DELUX Classic level standard color series. Include HRA0607 / HRA0610 /HRB1220 /HRB1430 CCT: 2700K and 3000K, ±50K. Average CRI Ra ≥ 90, R9 ≥ 50; SDCM≤3, the visual saturation effect of the human eye is more outstanding, which meets the lighting needs of high-end hotel places.