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Luckin Coffee


Luckin Coffee trades on the NASDAQ exchange on 17th May 2019 with a market value of about $4.2billion. HONOURTEK work with Ledoux lighting is the important partner of Luckin Coffee nationwide offline store layout, aiming to enhance customer experience with high quality lighting and optimize new retail experience.


HONOURETK professional lighting solutions 

Luckin Coffee has set up flagship stores, leisure stores, express stores and takeaway kitchen stores for different consumption scenarios, and has set up branches in major cities in China. Ledoux lighting is an important partner of Luckin Coffe nationwide offline store layout, aiming to enhance customer experience with high quality lighting and optimize new retail experience.


Proposals for new retail stores, Ledoux lighting has always been adhering to the principle of "3U": usable - Unaffected - Unique, namely to reduce the maintenance rate, improve the efficiency of energy saving; Choose the lighting material that matches the environment and ensure the color temperature distribution of the light source. In addition to the realization of the above basic principles, consider the overall design aesthetic, give the space scene characteristics.


Luckin Coffee's proud new retail experience fits in with the pace of the surrounding workplace, but the elegant experience brought by boutique Coffee is also an important concept of Luckin Coffee. The 3000k color temperature spotlights are selected as the space main lights to meet the visual comfort of human body. 24° small Angle brings light and shade contrast, creating a private and noble experience in the cafe. This is also a heart of Luckin Coffee, for the business people in a hurry to preserve a refined world.



As above mentioned the design principles of "Unaffected", the grant for Luckin Coffee soft outfit color, has chosen the consistent with rectangular tube color cloth guide to shoot the light of the lamp, effectively weakening smallpox modelling, realize customer retention effectively with attention.

Add warm color light element, draw the outline of space line, build atmosphere light. The peripheral products and coffee instruments placed on the two sides of the laminates are exquisite under the lighting rendering, conveying the exquisite ritual sense of Luckin Coffee.


 Luckin Coffee, positioning itself as a "new retail coffee operator", combines "self-pick + takeaway" and "online + offline" to connect customers through APP. Its fast delivery service to customers, and the concept of HONOURTEK services coincide.


Product used

The 10-15w spotlights used in this case are recommended to use the DELUX series products of HONOURTEK, including HRA0610/HRB0910; CCT: 3000K, CRI: Ra≥95, R9 typical value over 90; Better color consistency, higher degree of reduction, to meet the lighting needs of new retail space.