HONOURTEK Bentley showroom


The inspiration for the creation of the car comes from founder Walt Owen Bentley's extreme love for racing speed and performance. "To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class" is Mr. Bentley's pursuit of ultimate excellence in car building idea. Since the birth of the first Bentley in 1919, although the Bentley brand has gone through the baptism of time, it is still new and pleated.

HONOURTEK Bentley showroom

City car showroom is an important place for car display, sales and communication with customers. It is also the most intuitive first place to convey brand culture. Based on the color consistency of the product, HONOURTEK light source, with one-step color tolerance shipping management, stands out among many LED COB bidders and becomes Bentley's light source supplier in the Asia Pacific region.

HONOURTEK professional lighting solution

In the vast building complex, the transparent glass exterior of the Bentley showroom has won him a C-position debut. The overall design style and decoration of the exhibition hall are based on the color tone of white and wood colors, which is minimalist and neat without losing the luxurious noble taste of Bentley. Through repeated measurement, the relationship between the distance between the lamp and the illuminance is confirmed, and a seamless light effect is achieved. The DELUX series of high CRI lights complement the superb engineering surface of the Bentley sedan, showing luxury.

Considering Bentley's strong mirror surface, specially customized HONOURTEK's SMD LED light source, ± 75K CCT difference with 1 visual color bin, uniformly illuminate all parts of the body, soft light has anti-glare effect, perfectly avoids the mirror reflection caused by the body material A flawless detail was revealed.

Bentley cars are a symbol of status and status. When buying a car, customers are a process of enjoying respect and service. The lighting design of the negotiation area is very important. HONOURTEK changes the design concept of conventional lamps, and adopts the mainstream luminous surface design. The uniform and soft light glows in harmony with carpets and curved seats to meet consumers' pursuit of space simplicity, fashion and creativity.