Fire Series G2

Honourtek Fire Series G2 Color Tunable LEDs work by combining warm white and cool white multi-chip LEDs within a single COB solution. A two-channel driver can be used to drive the two colors independently, allowing smooth tuning from warm white (2,700K) to cool white (5,000K) by varying their relative drive current. It is possible to tune through this entire range while maintaining a same watt.

Color include:

  • Color Tunable LEDs 2700K-5000K ,Min CRI 90
  • Color Tunable LEDs 2500k-4000K ,Min CRI 90



  • Application-specific color points
  • Color control:good consistence
  • Good Compatibility
  • Hot lumen
  • Reliable operation at up to two times nominal drive current
  • Eco-system well


  • High-quality true color reproduction
  • Uniform, consistent super white light
  • Flexibility in design optimization
  • Improved optical control
  • Flexibility for application-driven lighting design requirements
  • Multiple solution options

Product Specifications

P# HRC0607 FD
 Download Data Sheet
HRC0913 FD
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HRC1420 FD
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Board Size(mm) 13.35×13.35×1.15 15.85×15.85×1.15 18.8×18.8×1.15
LES(mm) 6 9.4 14
Voltage(V) 36V 36V 36V
Current TYP(mA) 250 500 700
Current Max(mA) 375 750 1050
Watts Class 10 20 30
Total Watts 28 52 80
Fire Series 2500K-4000K / 2700K-5000K
Tray(pcs) 20 20 20
SPQ(pcs) 100 100 100
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