Bring out the ambience of a room and the colors of artwork.

Light draws attention to the design elements and key details of a room. Light accentuates the subtle colors which make an art piece compelling. Without high-performance luminaires, much is lost in the overall experience.

A premium space looks best when lighting design emphasizes its unique attributes. Using our premium Delux Series technology, high-lumen output spotlights add brilliance to the architectural features of a building facade. Interesting light washing and the clever use of accent lights also enhances the ambience of a room.Artwork colors must have stunning realism without an unnatural feel. Our Delux Series provide high CRI \Rf\Rg color spectrums that are fit for the most revered art. Traditional light sources such as halogen may cause irreparable damage with UV and other non-visible wavelengths, but our products do not contain harsh wavelengths, and can safely illuminate without the use of filters.



High end Museum or Hotel : Prime COB with standard series color

Other high end interior space : Delux COB with Standard Series color