About Us

The company Honourtek.Headquartered office in Delaware USA. Factory and operations office in CHINA. Focus on specific application of light color and intelligent lighting device research and development; the core team consists of a number of top LED companies from Silicon Valley veteran, localization of high-end commercial and residential lighting application of LED solutions provider, is the domestic and international well-known brand commercial lighting and home lighting device strategy supplier. The company has a strong ability to innovate, has applied for more than and 20 patents, including the United States a number of invention patents and international patents.

Design in US

Silicon Valley Expert Team

  • American Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) senior members

  • International Conference on electronic devices and technologies (ECTC) technology committee

  • President, American Society of materials and technology

  • Executive member of the Executive Committee of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Institute (IMAPS) northern California branch

Advance LED Technology


     Honourtek leading the first class COB technology. No more than 2 visual color bin available.


  •  Programmed human eye principle to achieve 1 color bin shipment management.
  •  Apply to all COB LEDs


  • Color Consistency Platform  apply to high density COB led
  •  Increase the thermal conductivity, so as to enhance the color consistency performance, improve the overall quality of light.


  • ClarityTek® Special spectrum applied to fresh meat color.

  •  The new packaging technology, light have more penetrating.


Honourtek products are manufactured to the most stringent quality control standards in the most environmentally and friendly way

Declarations of Conformity are available stating that Honourtek COB have been tested to and comply with the relevant international standards for the manufacture and testing of COB products. The standards used are:


Led light source lumen maintenance test

IEC 62471

Assess the hazards of light radiation associated with different lamp and lamp systems


REGULATION concerning the Registration, Evaluation,Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals


Restriction of Hazardous Substances


Honourtek laboratories are also accredited by CNAS and NAVAP, with independent testing capabilities, to provide customers with better technical services.

The certifications to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, coupled with the in-house testing by Honourtek engineers, are clear statements that Honourtek cares about the quality of its products and about the environment.