Delux HRB0912


15W Class high lumen output and efficacy from a single, easy-to-use LED array.The Delux HRB0912 LED Array delivers high lumen output and high efficacy in a single, easy-to-use package that eliminates the need for reflow soldering. Optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost, the HRB0912 LED Array can deliver system level performance of 1100 to over 2200 lumens, enabling applications ranging from GU10s to commercial downlights.

Data Sheet(pdf) File

Size 15.85×15.85 mm
LES 9 mm
Voltage 36 V
Current TYP 450 mA
Current Max 600 mA
Watts TYP 16.2 W
Watts Max 24 W
Light Output Range 1100 – 2200 lm

  • Spot Light
  • Down Light
  • Par Light